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A scene from last season’s UCLA vs USC Crosstown Rivalry clash…


75 days and 11 Saturdays until it all kicks off.

At least that’s what the Facebook pages of USC and UCLA has stated.

It’s quite curious, this hold that football, at the high school, college, pro, and even the youth levels, has over this country.

I mean, the baseball season’s not even half over, there’s three weeks until the All-Star Game, and the Dodgers, Angels, and the rest of Major League Baseball have roughly 100 games to play,

Heck, it’s not even the Fourth of July!

And here I am online, seeing fans posting seemingly endless things on social media and elsewhere regarding how they are so excited and how they absolutely cannot wait until their gladiators in true blue and gold, or cardinal and gold,

Or whatever combination of colors they pledge eternal allegiance to,

Kick that pigskin ball off and begin a season that they are undoubtedly sure will end in hoisting a championship trophy just after New Year’s.


The (in many people’s eyes) infamous O.J. Simpson during the 1967 Bruin-Trojan showdown at the Coliseum, approaching the 50th anniversary of that epic 21-20 USC win – and the first one played in my lifetime as I was five months old…


As For Me…

I certainly can wait, as even though I have bought the Athlon’s Pac-12 Football Preview – as I have done every year for I don’t know how long – I have never gotten excited over football until about the last week of August, when I do my previews of the Bruins and Trojans as well as the Rams, and (now) the Chargers just after Labor Day.

And I’m certainly not getting excited over football season right now, and perhaps not when it starts, for reasons I will go into at another time.

For now, I’m going to enjoy baseball.

Which considering the advantages it has over football in player salary, career longevity, labor security, and long-term health issues, not only should be considered the true American pastime…

As people see the dangers that football brings to its players (concussions, CTE, etc.), I think it’s making strides to reclaiming that distinction.

As such, I officially pledge that this will be the last football post on this site until the second half of August at the earliest…


The Rose Bowl during the 2008 Crosstown Rivalry Game; I must admit I’ve always liked the contrast between the blue-clad and cardinal-clad fans in the stands…