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One venue, located just north of downtown Los Angeles, that will be quite busy for the next few months.


Let’s see…

Summer – and the longest day of the year – will officially be upon us seven days from this writing; a heat wave is approaching in Southern California as evidence of that.

As I (personally speaking) approach my 50th birthday this Sunday; which is understandably hard to believe…

The seasons of our two Major League Baseball clubs are rolling along, the blue clad team currently in a dogfight for first place in its division while the red clad team, despite losing its best player – and the best player in baseball – for the next few weeks with a torn thumb, continues to perform better than expected.

With the exception of our entry in the WNBA  – that’s the Sparks for those who don’t know – the basketball and hockey seasons are over and finished with as champions were crowned this past week – congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning their second straight Stanley Cup (first time since 1997-98 that a team has repeated) and the Golden State Warriors for winning their second NBA title in three years, by the way.

I hear that one of our hoops squads may be having second thoughts regarding the drafting of UCLA’s star Lonzo Ball, as I read that they felt that he was out of shape.

Memo To Lakers – Two words: DRAFT HIM.

Baseball may be in full swing, but I was recently thinking that NFL training camps open in about a month, with preseason games starting in seven weeks with L.A., after 23 years without an NFL team, having not one but two teams as the Rams and the Chargers will be playing one of those preseason affairs against each other at the Coliseum on August 26th.

I don’t know about anyone else, but it will feel a little weird to have two NFL teams in town after going so long without one.

I’m certainly looking forward to doing a lot of this…


As for my personal plans…

Despite preferring the Dodger Stadium from the 1980s, 90s, and even the early 2000s, when there weren’t so many ads cluttering the place and the atmosphere was more baseball-like rather than circus-like, I plan on attending a game sometime this summer.

I just hope it’s not too hot, like the last Dodger game I attended when the temperature was 93 degrees and I was virtually melting in my seat.

I’m looking forward to partaking in those frozen lemonades and maybe those chocolate ice cream cups that Dodger Stadium features; unfortunately for health reasons, my days of imbibing of the iconic Dodger Dogs are over as the garlic fries are pretty much all that I can eat there now.

The Angels? I still strongly feel that they need to change their uniforms and caps – go back to their 70s, 80s, or even their early 90s look!

My main sports intent this summer, besides playing in my weekend pick-up softball games, is to once and for all check out a Sparks game – and write about that experience on this site.

I especially want to do this because I have never been to the Sparks’ (and the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings) home, Staples Center, before; besides the annual season previews and predictions of UCLA and USC football, which I will write in late August, writing about my impressions of Staples will be SoCalSportsAnnals’ summer highlight.

Though I’m not looking forward to the ninety and 100 degree temperatures, I am looking forward to summer.

I’m not only looking forward to what the fates have in store for the Dodgers, Angels, Sparks and MLS soccer’s Galaxy these next twelve weeks,

I’m also looking forward to just enjoying the relaxing, mellow pace that summer brings.

At least I hope it’s mellow and relaxing.

Have a great summer, SoCal…


Another SoCal venue, located not too far from Disneyland, that will be seeing much action this summer.