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Banners of six of the eleven teams covered on this site. Image courtesy of fineartamerica.com



As I heard someone once say in a movie:

“I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast.”

After writing online articles pertaining to sports for BleacherReport.com and the Fansided Network, specifically L.A.SportsHub.com, for a total of seven years, I strongly felt like I needed to have my own sports fan blog/site, where I can do things my way without having to answer to anyone.

To essentially have my own business.

That journey started one year ago this week when I launched this site – January 21, 2015 to be precise – knowing full well that it would take quite a bit of time, if at all, before it would get any exposure or publicity of it or achieve any real success.

I suppose that’s what anyone would think when beginning their own venture.

That first post was strictly introductory; information on what the site would be about and what it would emphasize.

Here’s the link to click on if you’re feeling nostalgic: Our First SoCal Sports Annals’ Post

Ironically enough, the second post I wrote detailed my opinions as to whether or not the NFL would ever come back to L.A. after over two decades:  Will The National Football League Ever Return To Los Angeles?

Suffice it to say that almost exactly a year after I wrote that piece, I was proven wrong by now-Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

Big time.

I reckon most folks would talk about how big their venture has gotten after a year, celebrate and pat themselves on the back.

While this is a cause for celebration, I can’t honestly say that SoCal Sports Annals has reached the level where I would like it to be as of this moment.

But I can happily say that it has not been a total failure either, as the best description of the state of this site can be summed up in a single word:


The Facebook and Twitter pages of this site (here are the links to check them out), SoCal Sports Annals’ Facebook Page,  SoCal Sports Annals’ Twitter Page  have continued to grow, with 345 people following this site on Twitter and 103 people “Liking” this blog on Facebook.

Those numbers are not in the thousands, but for an independent freelance sports site in competition with so many other sites, they are not bad at all.

And of course quite a bit of credit for this site’s growth has to go to who I call the “Hockey Lady”, Nichole Choice.

Last spring Nichole came aboard to provide some commentary on the Anaheim Ducks’ Stanley Cup playoff run, and the enthusiasm she showed in her writing came through so clearly that I kept her through the summer, her writing about her day watching the Angels In Orange County (here’s the link to that article: My Day At Angels Stadium of Anaheim).

When the new hockey season opened, there was no question that I would want Nichole around to give her take on the Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings.

The coverage of SoCal’s two hockey teams wouldn’t be the same without her, and I just wanted to give the “Hockey Lady” a shout out for her contributions to this site.

Which will continue as the Kings’ and Ducks’ campaign continues.


Staples Center (foreground), a main hub of sports in Los Angeles as it’s home to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks. Photo courtesy of zanzinger.photosheHer.com


As Far As Looking Forward…

I hope to grow the site more in having things that other sites may not have, such as:

*  Returning to where I played and coached Little League baseball and softball to take a nostalgic look back and check out what that organization, where I once spent so much time, is like now.

*  Visiting the Galen Center, on the campus of USC, to check out and give an account of what that place, and the atmosphere of a Trojan basketball (or perhaps volleyball) game, is like.

*  Doing an “A Day at the Rose Bowl” article, describing my experiences at a UCLA football game, and hiring (preferably) a USC student or alum to do the same for the Coliseum and the Trojan football experience.

*  (FINALLY!) checking out Staples Center this summer to get a first hand look at that arena and the experiences of a game featuring SoCal’s entry in the WNBA, the Los Angeles Sparks.

*  Either going to see a Galaxy match at StubHub Center in nearby Carson or hiring someone to do so and writing about it.

Not to mention continuing editorial and opinion coverage for all of L.A’s teams, in addition to the Rams as their triumphant return to SoCal after 21 years away will officially commence in September.

And giving it further exposure; that should go without saying.

One can easily see that I have plans for this site as year two begins.

For everyone who has followed it and has read and enjoyed its stuff…





The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the most iconic sports venue in Southern California which has not only been the home of USC Trojan football since it opened in 1923, but host to the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics as well as UCLA Bruin football (who shared this place with ‘SC for 54 years), the Dodgers for four seasons after they arrived from Brooklyn, the Raiders during the 1980s and early 90s, the 1959 World Series and two Super Bowls, including the very first Super Bowl in 1967. Photo courtesy of laweekly.com