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No, these Kings and Ducks haven’t met on the ice this season just yet, but that’s coming soon as the first Freeway Face-Off game will be on Saturday, January 16th at Anaheim’s Honda Center. Photo courtesy of sportsworldnews.com.



As we can all see and tell by what it says on the calendar and by how cool the weather has gotten in SoCal lately, hockey season is hitting its full stride!

Nichole Choice, our resident Hockey Lady, has her monthly take on our two National Hockey League teams, the Kings from downtown Los Angeles and Anaheim’s Ducks from Orange County, spreading a little holiday cheer as well, so here we go!

And please enjoy…


It’s the holiday season! There are 11 sleeps until Christmas (for those who celebrate), and honestly this year, all some Southern California hockey fans want is a winning team (or two)!

Well, as the saying goes, “One out of two ain’t bad!”

As of this writing, the Los Angeles Kings are 12-6 in regulation. That is phenomenal!

Remember the start of the season when we lost three in a row? Not really? Me neither!

It seems like a distant memory, because these Los Angeles Kings are on fire, and the sleeping giant has awoken! We’ve lost only five of 26 games in regulation this season, and the Kings have been successful during critical overtimes, too.

However and unfortunately, the Kings’ overtime mojo did not allow them to prevail over the weekend against the Buffalo Sabres, and it broke a six game winning streak, but we’re favored to win against the Ottawa Senators in Canada’s capitol tonight.

The Senators have struggled lately, having lost two in a row against the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Montreal Canadiens leading up to tonight’s match-up, so it’s easy to speculate that the Senators may be feeling some trepidation at the prospect of bowing down to the mighty L.A. Kings!

Mazel Tov!


Los Angeles Kings: Highlights from their latest win – vs the Pittsburgh Penguins, December 11, 2015


Now let’s travel a few miles south on the I-5 to check on the Anaheim Ducks…

Dear Santa, have we been naughty or nice? Because the loss suffered by those Ducks against the Carolina Hurricanes last Saturday night is reminiscent of the rocks Charlie Brown got while trick-or-treating in the animated classic It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! It’s devastating!


Not a Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s Day image, but an iconic one all the same that illustrates what the Ducks have recently gone through.


Anaheim Ducks: Highlights from their latest win – vs the Pittsburgh Penguins, December 6, 2015


Let’s break this down:

The Anaheim Ducks had four while days off prior to their encounter with Carolina, and they lost 5-1 last Friday night.

What’s even far more frightening? Since that loss, our Ducks will have had six whole days off before their hopeful (Santa, please!) success over Buffalo.

Do we detect a trend? hopefully not!

Now these Sabres, of course, recently defeated our Kings, and some in fact say that was a fluke.

But nonetheless, it was a historic victory for the Sabres against the Kings that night as it marked the 100th career goal for Ryan O’ Reilly, and we do congratulate him for that.


The L.A. Kings’ Milan Lucic pushing up the puck in Pittsburgh against the Penguins. Photo courtesy of kings.nhl.com


But the Sabres have an overall mediocre record this season (having lost six of their last ten games), and the Kings are consistently strong, so it’s safe to say this is a fair match that’s upcoming for our Ducks because frankly, they’re performing in a mediocre fashion as well in having lost four of their last eight contests.

Beggars can’t be choosers, and this is the season for gratitude, so it’s great to see what’s going on with our L.A. Kings.

As for our (sometimes) Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, our offense is more dry than a Christmas tree on Valentine’s Day! Preposterous!

The Sabres should be a walk in the park for our Ducks on Thursday night, but those Ducks must no longer be complacent or they’ll lose again, just like they did against the Hurricanes last week.

Let us go back in time to last season, and Emilio Estevez’s (@EMILIOTHEWAY) encouraging tweet:


That’s all we want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/everything!

Just go, Ducks! Please get on the offense and go, go, go!

Ho, ho, ho!



A group of Anaheim Ducks sporting some stylish orange jerseys as they celebrate during a win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. Photo courtesy of zimbio.com