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Now that I’ve got that reaction out-of-the-way, I’ll do my best to not take too long to voice my thoughts on this very recent development.

I want to make it crystal clear at the onset that I am not passing judgement on the  all Pac-12 cornerback and kick returner; at least not yet.

I know full well that the facts about what happened in front of UCLA’s police station early Sunday morning haven’t all been gathered and confirmed.

And we should not make any final conclusions until they have been, which will undoubtedly be at Adams’ hearing in three weeks.

As is usually the case with allegations like these, there are different stories about what happened with the red shirt junior from nearby Woodland Hills and Oaks Christian High and the Uber driver who made the allegation that he forcibly robbed the driver of his cellphone.

I’ll be honest; my initial reaction upon seeing the news on ESPN’s bottom ticker was not a good one. Opinions of Adams needing to be kicked off the team and out of school reared inside my head.

As well as how his alleged actions had potentially hurt the team to the point of having a major negative affect, Adams playing such a huge part in the Bruins’ success last season.

If he is found guilty, permanently dismissing him from the team and expelling him from school should definitely be a reality as I will be the first in line to advocate doing just that.

The operative word, however, is IF.

I, for one, will not advocate anything until the facts come out – that is both a promise and a guarantee as like in all alleged criminal cases, Adams needs to be proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Meanwhile, as sure as I’m sitting here writing this coach Jim Mora will suspend Adams, “pending investigation” as they always say.

Which means that he’ll miss, at the bare minimum, the first four games of the season, starting with Virginia at the Rose Bowl this Saturday.

As such, I’ll certainly be praying for him as I dearly hope that things work out for that young man.