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The new look that the Clippers will be showing next season, as modeled by Blake Griffin…


Much has been written about this already in the past week, but it would be wrong to not have something on this blog regarding the new uniforms and logo that the Los Angeles Clippers recently revealed to big fanfare.

Any team that fans out throughout a city giving away t-shirts and even cupcakes sporting a new logo must really believe in it.

Keep in mind, however: As everyone knows, or should know, a uniform does NOT determine a team’s fortunes (in this case) on the court.

At the end of the day, it’s about how many games you win and how far you get in the post season, and NOT how your uniform looks or how many you sell.

I’m sure the Clippers know that all too well as after losing a seven-game conference semifinals to the Houston Rockets in a “completely blown it” fashion, this upcoming season will be a crucial one.

So let’s see what you think about the new threads that these Clips will sport in 2015-16, as shown above…

For the record: I personally like the home white and blue away jerseys.

The red and black alternates? Not so much.

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Clippers owner Steve Ballmer showing a t-shirt with the new Clipper logo, which was given away all over L.A.