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Did you know that this site has a Facebook and a Twitter page, and has had one since it’s inception in January?

Those pages not only feature SoCal Sports Annals posts, but highlights of games and interesting articles from other sites and sources such as the Los Angeles Times concerning the college and pro teams that call Southern California home.

For a site as young as this one is, the amount of people who like and follow our Twitter and Facebook pages’ are promising as the #SoCalSportsAnnals page on Twitter has nearly 240 followers, while the #Facebook page’s “Likes” total over 75.

Needless to say, we’d love for those numbers to increase!

I encourage and urge everyone to not only check out these informative pages, but “Like”  and “Follow” them as well, so you can get the latest in L.A. and SoCal sports as well as get top access to future articles on this site, which will include features covering topics that will not be seen on other sports fan sites.

To find out what those features will be, you’ll just have to “Like” and “Follow” our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here are the links to those pages; it’s a certainty that they will be impressive to all who partake in them: