The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, site of two Olympic Games, the first Super Bowl, the 1959 World Series, and home to nearly every Los Angeles sports team at one time or another, including both major college football teams (UCLA & USC), three NFL teams, and the Dodgers from 1958 until Dodger Stadium opened in 1962  




After writing, posting, and editing for other sites such as Bleacher Report and the FanSided Network – specifically L.A.Sports Hub.com and starting GoJoeBruin.com, which included serving as an editor of both sites – I felt it was high time to start an independent fan page.

Unlike Bleacher Report, FanSided, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and millions of other sports fan sites, however, SoCal Sports Annals will NOT have previews or recaps of games; we feel that the market has been saturated in that area.

This fan site will strictly emphasize editorials and opinion pieces of what is going on in the sports scene in the Los Angeles Area and in Southern California, as the writers – myself and eventually others, who will be joining this site soon – will write what they think about issues such as:

*  The demise of a once-proud Laker team,

*  How the Clippers and the defending Stanley Cup champion Kings are not performing to expectations,


*  The very good chance of the vast majority of Southern California residents not being able to watch the Dodgers on TV for a second consecutive year.

as well as…

*  Human interest articles such as a day at an L.A. sports facility or perhaps something         regarding the experience of high school or youth league games

and possibly…

*  Interviews with various sports figures.

Personally, I feel that this new site will be unique in that sense, and I am confident that SoCal Sports Annals will be quite successful.

We are looking for writers to join us in this brand-new venture.

If you are passionate about SoCal sports and/or an avid fan of one of the teams that calls the Los Angeles area home, and would like to share your opinions online or get started on a writing career…

Email me at DhrD4@aol.com for more info.

We would love to hear from you!